Custom Products

Create Custom Products for Your Next Event

Do you love MIÁRA Professional products? Wouldn't it be cool to have personalized party favors with your own custom labels for a wedding, birthday, bachelorette, baby shower, event, etc.? We would love to partner with you! We can work on designing the perfect label with you for your product(s) of choice. Exclusive pricing will be offered to you for your special occasion. We can even create a completely new formula with your needs in mind. We can handle low and high quantity requests. So excited to work with you! 


Begin your own Brand with MIÁRA Professional 

Are you feeling even more ambitious and looking to create your own brand but don't know where to start? MIÁRA Professional has the expertise you need to build your own brand. From formula, packaging, label design, compliance, and testing - we have you covered! Industry cosmetic chemists have the utmost formulation knowledge with many areas of expertise. We offer low minimum order quantities to help get you off the ground. Our pricing and minimum quantity are much more competitive than contract manufacturers. Make your dream come true and design a quality product with your name on it!