About Us

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MIÁRA Professional is a woman owned company. Created by two well renowned Hispanic cosmetic chemists, every small batch formula is intentionally crafted to address your needs. Products should serve multiple benefits to you. Utilizing exotic and efficacious ingredients, you will find MIÁRA Professional is like nothing you have experienced. We believe in proven science, sustainability, responsible sourcing, cutting edge formulas, and rigorous testing. As industry insiders, we compensate where other brands cut corners. We are professional cosmetic chemists curating the entire brand and formulas from the ground up. Inspired by the wisdom, freedom and grace of a butterfly, MIÁRA is an adventure. You will feel transported to ethereal tropics with our unique, science driven formulas inspired by nature. Everyone deserves a routine they love with ingredients that work at a reasonable price point. You deserve to feel beautiful in your skin  Accept yourself for who you are and embrace your inner glow because our products are for everyone. We are a Wisconsin based company and proudly make our products in the USA. Support a small business, give us a try and reveal your authentic self.

We also created Barboso, a line for men's personal care. Men should have effective formulas to tame their wild and keep them looking as good as they feel.

MIÁRA was inspired by combining the Spanish word for my with the initials of the creators of the brand. Ara has many different meanings in different languages. In Catalan, ara means now. In old Irish, ara symbolized a charioteer and temple. In Latin, ara means altar or sanctuary. Ara is a constellation known as “the Altar” best seen in the Southern skies. MIÁRA Professional’s roots and meaning are as powerful as its formulas.